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Here is the a/c setup for my cargo trailer tiny house conversion. I opted to use a window a/c unit and have it mounted completely inside my trailer for a few reasons. 

1) Portable a/c units are significantly more expensive and much larger. For my tiny space I didn’t need the btus that a portable unit provided nor did I want to take up a ton of valuable floor space with such a large unit. A window a/c unit could be mounted up high and out of the way. Portable a/c units start at around $300. This unit cost me $120, plus another $70 for the intake and exhaust fans and duct work. 

2) We couldn’t cut a hole in the wall for the a/c without cutting into the frame of the trailer. I didn’t want to make any changes that would compromise the structural integrity of the trailer at all. 

3) The stealth factor was really important to me. Having an air conditioner hanging out the side of the trailer would be the least stealthy option possible. 

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